Cockroach Treatment and Solutions in Southwest Florida

As with all pests, prevention is key when it comes to controlling cockroach infestations. Our certified technicians are prepared to inspect your property and identify hot spots linked to cockroach activity. The tech will examine plant and vegetation growth that may be connected to pests found indoors. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we will recommend the appropriate treatment plan to make your home clean and pest free. We will also help establish a scheduled treatment plan to prevent future pest activity.

Cockroach Removal You Can Trust

Unfortunately, cockroaches thrive in the warm, wet climate of our Southwest Florida communities. In fact, there are several species of cockroaches that are common to the Fort Myers, Southwest Florida region. Cockroaches hide in dark sheltered places during the day and come out to feed at night. Though maintaining a clean home helps reduce the size of the cockroach population on your property, it is nearly impossible to remove the threat of these pests completely.

Pinnacle Pest Management Services inc., offers professional roach extermination solutions and services including one-time treatments for German Roaches as well as monthly or quarterly maintenance service plans.

About Cockroaches

If you locate a cockroach in your home, chances are, it is not the only one. Cockroaches can readily cause an infestation, so it is not likely that it is the sole insect on your property. There are several cockroach species that exist in Southwest Florida including two of the most common species, The German Cockroach and Palmetto Bugs. The German Cockroach is typically less than one inch long and breeds quickly in large numbers. Palmetto Bugs frequently appear indoors after a rain event. These pests can reach a size of up to two inches in length and are characterized by their wings, brown-red color, and long flat bodies.